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Presentation by Mr.Aslan Kokayev, Director, AIFC and Mr Merey Kuandykov, Senior Manager, AEC, in the Embassy on 18.05.2019

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A presentation was held at the Embassy on 18th May 2019, by Mr.Aslan Kokayev, Director, Astana International Financial Centre (AIFC) and Mr Merey Kuandykov, Senior Manager of AIFC Expat Centre (AEC) for the benefit of the Indian Community. AEC is the authorized organisation of the AIFC providing government and non- government services in English language on a " one-stop-shop" principle. The event was organized on the initiative of Ambassador Prabhat Kumar, to spread awareness among the Indian community about the AEC .The members of the Indian community who attended the presentation expressed their appreciation and were unanimous in their opinion that the presentation was very useful to them and that knowledge about the AEC would in no small measure help them in solving issues related to services such as Visa, obtaining individual identification numbers (IIN), electronic digital signature (EDS), soft landing infrastructure and many more services designed to expedite the integration of expats into Kazakhstani society.

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