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Clean India 2020 expo from 20-22 May, 2020, at Pragati Maidan, New Delhi

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Clean India 2020 expo and 6th Smart Cities India 2020 expo

ITPO and the Exhibitions India Group are organising the Clean India 2020 expo, 

co-located with the 6th Smart Cities India 2020 expo, from 20-22 May, 2020, at Pragati Maidan, New Delhi.

Every year, India generates large quantities of municipal solid waste (MSW), liquid waste, bio-medical, plastic as well as e-waste from sources such as domestic households, commercial activities, various industries, hospitals, power plants, agriculture, etc. Together, these have significant impact on the amount of land required for dumping and disposal; economic costs of collecting and transporting waste; environmental consequences to land, air and water; as well as cost of medical bills due to adverse impact on human health.

India has made substantial progress in most indicators of human development since independence. However, rapid increase in population and economic development has led to excessive waste generation and environmental degradation. Till now, the economics of environmental pollution, depletion and degradation of resources has been neglected as compared to the issues of growth and expansion. With the introduction of waste management and recycling laws, new avenues for business activity have opened up in India.

For registration details and further information please visit the web site: https://www.smartcitiesindia.com/#