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Information on Spoofed Calls

All Indian nationals residing in Kazakhstan are invited to give details in the table below in case they are victims of spoofed calls involving money transfer or any other financial transaction by impersonating as officers of Indian Embassy in Nur-Sultan or Representative Office of India, Almaty.

Format for Information on Spoofed Calls


Name with passport details of complainant

Current Country
of work

Call received from number and date on which received

Call received on number

Money transfer details


Name of final recipient of money as provided by Bank /Western Union

Place (country/ district) where money was finally withdrawn/ collected

Any other remarks








Give details of Bank Account or Western Union (account number, transaction ID) Branch, Location from which fund was transferred and Date of transaction in this column

Give details of Bank Account  or Western Union (account number, transaction ID) Branch, Location in which fund was transferred and Date of transaction in this column














Ban of use of Thuraya/Irridium Satellite Phones in India

Use of Thuraya/Irridium Satellite Phones is banned in India. However, at times, foreigners have been found to be in possession of these phones in India and the security agencies concerned have initiated action against them as per local laws. Therefore, all Kazakhstani nationals are requested not to carry/use Thuraya/Irridium Satellite Phones while visiting India.

Үндістанда Thuraya/Iridium спутниктік телефондарын пайдалану"а тыйым салынды

Үндістанда Thuraya/Irridium спутниктік телефондарын пайдалану"а тыйым салынды. "егенмен Үндістанда"ы шетелдіктер бұл телефондармен мезгіл-мезгіл табыланады және тиісті қауіпсіздік органдары жергілікті заңдар"а сәйкес олар"а қарсы іс-қимылдар жасайды. Осылайша, барлық қазақстандықтар Үндістан"а бар"ан кезде Thuraya/Irridium спутниктік телефондарын алмау"а/ пайдаланбау"а кеңес беріледі.

Запрет использования спутниковых телефонов Thuraya/Iridium в Индии

Использование спутниковых телефонов Thuraya/Irridium запрещено в Индии. Однако у иностранцев в Индии периодически находили в распоряжении эти телефоны, и соответствующие органы безопасности инициировали против них действия в соответствии с местными законами. Таким образом, всем казахстанским гражданам рекомендуется не иметь при себе/не использовать спутниковые телефоны Thuraya/Irridium во время посещения Индии.

Alert for Visa Seekers

It has come to the notice of the Embassy that some fake visa websites are operating on the internet that are claiming to provide e-Tourist Visa Services to visa applicants desiring to travel to India. Some of the fake websites are: (i) e-touristvisaindia.com; (ii) indianvisaonline.org.in; and (iii) e-visaindia.com.Visa applicants are advised not to repeat no to use such fake websites. The correct website of the Government of India is: https://indianvisaonline[dot]gov[dot]in/visa.

No. AST/CONS/815/1/2016

It has come to the notice of our Embassies in Vienna, Austria and Berne, Switzerland that some Indian nationals received calls in the name of an Indian Embassy official stating that they have provided wrong information to Immigration authorities of the host government and advising them to transfer money for legal assistance to avoid imminent penal action.

The Embassy of India, Nur-Sultan hereby advises all Indian nationals to be extremely careful during their stay in Kazakhstan for such telephone calls in the name of an Indian Embassy official. If any Indian citizen receives such calls, he/she should immediately inform the Embassy of India in Nur-Sultan at cons[dot]astana[at]mea[dot]gov[dot]in or at Mobile No. 8701 220 7561.

Nur-Sultan, 10th June, 2016