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Carnegie India is organizing its 7th annual Global Technology Summit (GTS), from Tuesday, November 29 through Thursday, December 1, 2022

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2.   The Summit brings together ministers, senior government officials, expert practitioners, industry leaders, public policy professionals, entrepreneurs, academics, and civil society representatives from India and abroad to discuss issues around technology and policy.

3.    Carnegie India is organizing its 7th annual Global Technology Summit (GTS), from TuesdayNovember 29 through Thursday, December 1, 2022.

4.   The theme for this year’s Summit will be Geopolitics of Technology.  GTS 2022 will be organized in a hybrid format in New Delhi.

5.   The public sessions, spread over three days, will focus on three specific sub-themes, and will be organized as a combination of high-impact ministerial addresses (from India and abroad), panels, keynote addresses, and conversations.

Day 1: The first day will focus on the theme India’s Digital Way: The Road to G20which will focus on conversations around digital identities, the use of digital infrastructure to improve access to healthcare, cross-border payment systems, partnerships to create digital public goods (DPGs) that can promote inclusive growth, and discussions around shaping India’s G20 agenda.

Day 2: The second day will focus on the theme Navigating Partnerships and Alliances for the Future which will feature discussions that highlight possible partnerships and collaborations with respect to semiconductors, contours of building an EU-India trade and technology council, commercialization of space, artificial intelligence, a robust and sustainable research ecosystem, and sustainable technologies.

Day 3: The third day will focus on the theme An Avoidable Fragmentation which will host discussions around the changing nature of geopolitics, cross-border flow of data, the future of military technologies, biosafety architecture, and financial inclusion.

6.   In addition to public sessions, GTS 2022 will organize closed-door discussions which offer an opportunity for stakeholders (Government, Industry, Academia) to discuss and debate key tech-policy issues and concerns at the national, regional, and global level. Some of the proposed topics for the closed-door discussion are Track 2 Dialogue between countries on building resilient semiconductor supply chain, cross-border payment systems, standard setting for biosafety and biosecurity, digital infrastructure for global development, among others.  For more inforamtion please visit Conference website  https://globaltechnologysummit.com/